The Bradford Club was officially chartered on February 13, 1891. The Charter states that the purpose of the Bradford Club is to “ further social intercourse and the enjoyment of innocent games.” Originally, the club was located at 75 Main Street in a building that once was described as “ representative of Pennsylvania Railroad Gothic.” The original “red brick” building was home to the Bradford Club for about 50 years. Members enjoyed a recreation room, billiard room, grillroom, large fireplaces and many other accommodations.

Throughout the years, the Bradford Club has gone through many changes, yet has remained an integral part of the community; now located at 32 – 40 Boylston Street, the membership is comprised of both men and women. Although change and adaption was inevitable, the club has been able to preserve many of its traditions. Where else could you find the daily posted price of Pennsylvania crude oil? Originally an important pulse reading for its business members , now a familiar reminder of where we came from. Additionally, tradition is deeply engraved as is demonstrated by the fact the current President of the Bradford Club, Frederick W. Fesenmyer, is a fourth generation member dating back to 1911 when his great grandfather Senator Lewis Emery held a membership as well.

The present Board of Directors of the Bradford Club are Frederick W. Fesenmyer president, Robert L. Saunders vice-president, Thomas E. Arrowsmith treasurer, Carlyle C. Conn secretary, Robert Douglas director, Gregory W. Booth director, and Dr. K. James Evans director.  Paul R. Nunn is the current manager, a 2015 graduate of Pitt-Bradford, Paul took over managerial duties in 2018, and has been part of the club since 2015.  Paul is just the 4th manager in the club’s 128 year history.  Daniel J. Reiley was the third man in the club’s history to hold the position of manager, and was a part of the Bradford Club for nearly 43 years.  Dan retired in 2018, and is enjoying retirement splitting time between Bradford and Florida. James J. Montecalvo was the second, who was very charismatic and highly respected by all. The first was John Shortell, whose grandson and great grandson John and Jeff Carson are still active in the Bradford community.

Today, the Bradford Club provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner accommodating its members, their families, and guests with both casual and fine dining in a quiet setting that is unmatched in the Bradford area. Many business’s in the area utilize the Club for meetings, as well as, a place to host business associates. In addition, the Club is host to a variety of parties and gatherings for all occasions, and to all social needs. The Bradford Club is a reflection of the history, loyalty, perseverance, and dedication of its members and the surrounding community. The furnishings of the Bradford Club are a chronological record of the historical events of the Bradford community.